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Monday, February 17, 2014

What a Winter!

It has been a crazy winter down south.  Two ice storms within three weeks. Now that we are thawing out, we are focused on spring!!

I have been catching up on taking pictures of my layouts to share.  After all, I've had plenty of time, right! Here are a few of my favorite from Fall 2013 until now!

I love these pictures of the Beck boys with Brooke and Ty!

Ty's 4th birthday was snake themed!

Brooke was a witch for Halloween and Ty was a dragon! (I tried the Project Life page here.)

We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving at the Beck's house and a day out at the movies watching Free Bird.

Christmas morning was filled with arts and crafts and a Kindle Fire for Brooke.  For Ty, Transformers and dinosaurs!

I still love our yearly tradition of making cookies with Great Grandma's recipe!

Ty wouldn't talk to Santa, he would only show him the pictures he had circled in the toy magazines.  Sissy helped out!

Ah...the most frustrating Gingerbread Train!

It is also a yearly tradition that the Shelf Elves bring Ty and Brooke Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve.

Ty is playing flag football again with the Beck boys, Asher, and Porter. He got a touchdown in his first game!

 Brooke started karate in August and finished in January.  She got all the way to her orange belt!

 The best part of Winter Break was having the Beck boys stay for a sleepover!  The kids actually slept in until 7:00!!

January was a wash as far as days in school!  Winter Storm Leon was a big ice storm that hit Charleston.  I would have rather seen snow but the kids still had a blast!  We were out of school 4 days!

 This was Brooke's quote, "This is snowtastic!"

This is Ty's page.  He loves using my punches and letter stickers.  He told me what to write and I handed him the letters.

And finally, our favorite season...Michigan football season!!

Now I need to go back to Brooke's 3rd album and start taking pictures to save on my external hard drive.  I've always told Adam that if we ever have to evacuate for a hurricane, all the scrapbooks are going with me.  Well, I have acquired quite a few over the years so I'm not sure if they would all fit!!  To be exact, I would have to take pictures of over 50 scrapbooks containing at least 20 pages.  Not to mention the 15+ I have from before the kids were born.  UGH!  Maybe I'll just hire someone!   Anyone interested??

Have a great week,