Adam, Brooke, Chrissy, and Tyler

Welcome to ABC & T. Hope you enjoy catching up on our family events and my scrapbook creations!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Here are a few new layouts I've completed in the past couple of weeks! Thought I would share.

Ty was being SO funny at Brooke's soccer game. He was making the funniest faces for Gaga!

And here is Ty again with his favorite person in the WHOLE world....Papa!

Monday we celebrated Lydia's 5th birthday. Here are a couple pics from the party. Brooke is with her friend Kayleigh!

Next week I should have some WONDERFUL pictures and layouts from our trip to the apple orchard in the NC mountains. It's become an annual tradition to go and always proves to be a ton of fun. Although the best part are the apple cider donuts and apple cider slushies!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall is in the Air!

Wow...fall has arrived! Well, at least for a couple days. The weather changes SO much down here. Anyhow, we had the air off and the windows open all weekend. It was so nice to air out the house from the hot summer. Unfortunately, it comes with pollen and stuffy noses. Ty and Brooke both are feeling pretty stuffy : (

Brooke had another great soccer game! She is really starting to build her confidence and get in there with the boys! Here is a picture of her scoring her first goal!

Of course, football started and Michigan is off to a great start. Let's hope they can keep it up : ) Here is a picture I took a couple weekends ago. I'm not sure who is more excited for football, Ty or Daddy!

Football season means LOTS of time with our friends and family. We had a wonderful time at the Beck's this past Saturday. It was so nice outside, they put up a sheet in the back yard with the projector to watch the game.

I can't believe it is already September 19th. Time is flying. I am getting excited, and nervous, for October. So many trips planned such as the apple orchard, Adam's annual golf outing with the boys, and our big trip over sea. It is also time for Grammy Marsha to visit and the kids to get dressed up for Halloween. It is going to be another busy month but I wouldn't change it for the world!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bella Blvd.

Well, I just found out I didn't make the Bella Blvd. design team : ( I'm a little down but still proud of myself for trying. And I got some great layouts and altered projects finished so that's a bonus as well. Anyhow, I thought I would share what I created using their products:

My Little Man:

Brooke and her cat, Winston. Along with the picture she drew of him!

Ty and his starfish:
Our crazy family : )
And for my altered projects:

An altered jumbo clothes pin:
A picture frame for Ty's 2nd birthday:
An altered can for Bailey's treats:Maybe next time : )

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wow, I'm on a roll with blogging. So proud of myself : ) Now, if I could just teach my mom how to get to my blog???

Brooke has been in school 14 days and is already writing sentences, reading several sight words, and counting by 10's. We are SO blessed that she got Mrs. Ferson as her teacher along with Mrs. Mann. WE WERE ALSO VERY BLESSED THAT HER PAPA WORKED WITH HER EVERY DAY HE WATCHED HER!! She is also getting more creative than ever which is always wonderful for a creative mommy to see. I love snatching her creations from her to use on scrapbook pages. Here are a few I've created in the past with her pictures. I can't wait to collect more to scrapbook!!

Her picture of a fairy:

Picture and journaling from her Mother's Day card to me:
Her pic of me and her!
Her princess picture:
Her family pic of me, daddy, Ty and herself:
Her first snowman pic:
One of her first kitty pics:
Her handprint from preschool:

It's so much nicer to put her pictures on scrapbook pages instead of hidden away in a dark box!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall and Football

Ok, so its' not officially fall yet but with football starting tomorrow I'm celebrating early : ) I got out all the fall decorations (including our huge Michigan plate) and plan on making apple crisp tomorrow. I know...I'm crazy...but fall IS my favorite season!! The kids have some GREAT Michigan apparel for this season so I can't wait to get my camera out. I may need to shop for some cute fall clothes for our traditional apple picking trip though. Wonder what Adam will think of that.

Anyhow, here are some layouts and pics to get you in the fall football mood:

This is one of my favorites pics from the apple orchard. There was a sign stating: DO NOT RIDE IN THE WAGONS but that didn't stop Papa. Brooke LOVED it : )

Here is Ty's first season as a football fan:
And the layout I made with the pic:
My little girl at 2 on our trip to the orchard. I LOVED this dress. In fact, I gave it to my mom and she has it on one of her bears in her house!
The same year, when she was 2, picking apples.
Happy fall y'all : )