Adam, Brooke, Chrissy, and Tyler

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hey everyone! It's been quite a week. As the kids realize they are close to the end of the year they become very restless! So, it's been exhausting. Not to mention being busy planning for three weeks of summer school.

Well, the Turtle Trot was a blast. I surprised Brooke by inviting her best friend Lydia. They were troopers. They walked/ran the whole mile in the scorching heat! They even had enough energy to play afterwards. Then, we enjoyed a great lunch together before heading home. Papa did a great job as the College of Charleston mascot...the cougar. I'm surprised he didn't pass out from the heat. Here are some pics:

Before the race:

During the race:

Papa put Lydia's hat on Ty. What a ham!

Here's an added picture. Can you tell what Ty's favorite new food is? Yep, cheerios! He also enjoys wearing them as much as eating them! LOL: )

Not much planned for this weekend. I have training all morning Saturday and I think Adam will be golfing for charity on Sunday. Next week is our last full week of school. Can't wait to spend my time with my babies. I think Papa deserves a much needed break as well ; )

Thursday, May 13, 2010

WOW! Twice in one week. It's a new record!

Not much has happened but pretty soon we will be BUSY! School is winding down. Only 14 days left. Two of which are half days. It's hard to believe I started the year by having a baby boy! What a blessing! It certainly was tough going back to school but my class has been awesome. I am really going to miss them, as I do each year : ) I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Brooke will get into a full day preschool program. She would love it! Ty will get to go back with Papa so he can teach Ty all the wonderful things he taught Brooke. I'm sure Ty will have some new things to teach Papa too!

The 4th annual Turtle Trot is Saturday. Papa is going to be the College of Charleston mascot! LOL! I signed him up for it : ) Brooke and I have gone each year since the first Turtle Trot. This year her best friend Lydia is going with us. I'll have pics to post this weekend!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Long Time

Ok! So I'm not good at keeping up with my blog......PAPA : ) Hey! I'm one busy lady but soon to be enjoying summer vacation. Well, after teaching three weeks of summer school. It's hard to think my little girl could be going to preschool next year in preparation for kindergarten the following year. I'm not sure how Papa will handle it.....I'm not sure how Brooke will handle it. I see alot of sleep overs in the near future!

Tyler will be 9 months old this month. Man I'm old! LOL! They are both growing up too fast. I wouldn't be surprised if Ty starts walking before he is a year old. His new favorite thing is eating finger food....especially cherrios!

Today was our day to upload our new layouts to the TTT User Gallery using the May kits. I went a little crazy this month. We only have to create 4 layouts but I created 7. I just loved this kit. It is one of my favorites. Here are the pages I created. Here is the link to check them out:
TTT is also hosting a monthly kit challenge and monthly challenge. You can check them out here at

Here are my layouts:

Ty enjoying a bath at Papa and Grammies!
Brooke enjoying the tree swing!
Strawberry Festival at Boone Hall!
My little girl turned 4 : (
Brooke's new princess kite!
Brooke feeding her birds!
A wonderful picnic dinner at Waterfront Park with Grammy and Papa!

I will try to be better! I will TRY : )