Adam, Brooke, Chrissy, and Tyler

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

OMG I am SO excited

I can't believe it. Valerie Salmon asked me to join the gotsketch team. She has always been one of the most influential people to me in the scrapbook industry and I have taken ALL of her gotsketch classes. I am beyond excited. You can check out the team here: TEAM!

Here are some pages I created in her class:
The best part of Skytop Orchard: apple cider donuts and apple slushies!
Ty playing the the leaf pile in the front yard. He thought it was THE best!

Well, I'm off to tending to my little boy. He is still sick and needs some more mommy time!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

More Layouts!

Here are some more layouts I've created recently.

Here is one of us on the first Saturday of Michigan football this year. We aren't excited at all! LOL! Ty still fits in his jersey and Adam's parents bought us a new flag for outdoors. The other flag had holes in it...such true fans : ) So far so good for Michigan. Hope they can keep it up!
Here is a layout from Skytop Orchard. We went on a weekend trip last weekend and stayed with our friends Josh and Sarah. It was warm all week but cooled off for the weekend. When we arrived in the mountains it was only 52 degrees, hence the jackets, gloves, and hats! We had a blast! We actually got to pick apples off the trees this year. We still enjoyed apple cider doughnuts and apple slushies. They had a new doughnut: pumpkin=yummy! We bought tons of apples and cider and made my mom's apple crisp the night we got home. This is ALWAYS a favorite yearly trip of mine. We also spent the night walking around downtown Greenville. It's gorgeous there!

Here is a picture of Brooke on her first day of kindergarten. Daddy took her to school!
Here are some pics from Ty's 2nd birthday. After dinner and cake we headed down to the neighborhood pool for a swim! We were joined by the Beck's, Uncle Sean, Grammy and Papa.
Brooke is becoming quite the artist. Here is a picture of her chalkgirl in the garage!
And here is my beautiful little girl. She is growing up WAY too fast!
Well, let's hope the Lions, Tigers, and Wolverines can keep the good luck running : ) It certainly makes for a happier household, or at least that's what daddy tells us!