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Thursday, May 13, 2010

WOW! Twice in one week. It's a new record!

Not much has happened but pretty soon we will be BUSY! School is winding down. Only 14 days left. Two of which are half days. It's hard to believe I started the year by having a baby boy! What a blessing! It certainly was tough going back to school but my class has been awesome. I am really going to miss them, as I do each year : ) I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Brooke will get into a full day preschool program. She would love it! Ty will get to go back with Papa so he can teach Ty all the wonderful things he taught Brooke. I'm sure Ty will have some new things to teach Papa too!

The 4th annual Turtle Trot is Saturday. Papa is going to be the College of Charleston mascot! LOL! I signed him up for it : ) Brooke and I have gone each year since the first Turtle Trot. This year her best friend Lydia is going with us. I'll have pics to post this weekend!

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