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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wow, I'm on a roll with blogging. So proud of myself : ) Now, if I could just teach my mom how to get to my blog???

Brooke has been in school 14 days and is already writing sentences, reading several sight words, and counting by 10's. We are SO blessed that she got Mrs. Ferson as her teacher along with Mrs. Mann. WE WERE ALSO VERY BLESSED THAT HER PAPA WORKED WITH HER EVERY DAY HE WATCHED HER!! She is also getting more creative than ever which is always wonderful for a creative mommy to see. I love snatching her creations from her to use on scrapbook pages. Here are a few I've created in the past with her pictures. I can't wait to collect more to scrapbook!!

Her picture of a fairy:

Picture and journaling from her Mother's Day card to me:
Her pic of me and her!
Her princess picture:
Her family pic of me, daddy, Ty and herself:
Her first snowman pic:
One of her first kitty pics:
Her handprint from preschool:

It's so much nicer to put her pictures on scrapbook pages instead of hidden away in a dark box!

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