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Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall and Football

Ok, so its' not officially fall yet but with football starting tomorrow I'm celebrating early : ) I got out all the fall decorations (including our huge Michigan plate) and plan on making apple crisp tomorrow. I know...I'm crazy...but fall IS my favorite season!! The kids have some GREAT Michigan apparel for this season so I can't wait to get my camera out. I may need to shop for some cute fall clothes for our traditional apple picking trip though. Wonder what Adam will think of that.

Anyhow, here are some layouts and pics to get you in the fall football mood:

This is one of my favorites pics from the apple orchard. There was a sign stating: DO NOT RIDE IN THE WAGONS but that didn't stop Papa. Brooke LOVED it : )

Here is Ty's first season as a football fan:
And the layout I made with the pic:
My little girl at 2 on our trip to the orchard. I LOVED this dress. In fact, I gave it to my mom and she has it on one of her bears in her house!
The same year, when she was 2, picking apples.
Happy fall y'all : )

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in medias res said...

Your blog is looking really great Christy--it changes every time I'm on!